Owner, Designer, Crafter.

Hello there,

My name is Jason Trinsey. To give you a quick backstory, I started out running a style guide with my brother in law on Instagram (@oxfordandhenley). Its sole purpose is to help everyday gentlemen learn how to dress well and gain confidence. I have always loved the details and accessories that make an outfit and wanted to get a better knowledge of the products themselves. I began researching and practicing the art of constructing menswear accessories. First pocket squares, then lapel flowers and finally ties. I tried a new theory on constructing a tie that worked quite well. Never again did I have to worry about the stitching snapping and falling apart overtime. From there, I was hooked and wanted to begin sharing my products with others to enjoy and style themselves. Each product is named after something meaningful to me and hopefully relatable to you.

Have fun shopping!

Thank you.